MPP Group of Companies

Becoming Who We Are Today

In 1956, Metals Protection Plating was purchased by the Bozarth family and is currently led by Ed Bozarth, the CEO of MPP Group of Companies. This change in management, along with our more than 85 years of experience, helped us become a well-respected name in metal finishing. Now, our company consists of highly capable operations and technical teams.

MPP Group of Companies has grown into a very progressive twenty-first century firm, with the highest capabilities in regard to production quality, product consistency, environmental compliance, and customer service. in fact, the company is proud to boast that its Customer Service and communication programs are one of the best - if not the best - in the industry.

MPP's facilities are able to certify to many process specifications for its customers located across the United States; and the firm is in full compliance with all known Local, State and Federal regulations.

The Kansas City plant (a 0.72 acre site - opened in 1937) contains a 21,000 square foot metal finishing production facility, and specializes in Clear and Colored Sulfuric Anodizing, Colorfast Two-Step Anodizing, Hardcoat Anodizing, Clear and Yellow Chromate Conversion Coating, and Barrel Tin Plating on Copper and Aluminum.

The Leadership’s Hands-On Approach

Our CEO, Ed Bozarth, is always personally involved in all aspect of our business to ensure only the finest finishing services for our customers. He reviews the pending production orders and
processes with each plant manager daily. Additionally, he makes sure that the MPP Group not only fulfills our business obligations but also meets our customers' expectations.

Our Business Capabilities

As a 21st-century firm, the MPP Group of Companies is dedicated to honing our production quality, product consistency, environmental compliance, and other industry-relevant capabilities. We also proudly boast our innovative communication programs, which help us respond quickly and work closely with our customers.

Our corporate leaders are dedicated to:

  • Maintaining the highest quality standards for finished products
  • Efficiently addressing our customer's needs and requirements
  • Complying with environmental safety and compliance requirements
  • Ensuring customers have a pleasant experience working with us