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MPP Group of Companies

Metals Protection Plating, known today as the MPP Group of Companies, was founded in 1937, and has grown from its original location at 2800 Truman Road in Kansas City, Missouri, to a family owned business operating in four states, with real estate assets in five.

The company was purchased by the Bozarth family in 1956, and today is led by Ed Bozarth (CEO – MPP Group of Companies). For over 75 years now, MPP has been a well-respected name in metal finishing, employing very capable sales, operations, technical, and customer service teams.

Ed Bozarth is personally involved in every aspect of the business, assuring his customers of the best in finishing services and in customer service. On a daily basis, Ed reviews the pending production orders and processes with each of his plant managers, and makes sure that MPP not only fulfills its business obligations, but also meets its customers' expectations.

MPP Group of Companies has grown into a very progressive twenty-first century firm, with the highest capabilities in regard to production quality, product consistency, environmental compliance, and customer service. In fact, we are proud to boast that our Customer Service and our communication programs are one of the best - if not the best - in the industry.

Our facilities are able to certify to many process specifications for our customers located across the United States; and we are in full compliance with all known Local, State and Federal regulations.

The Kansas City plant (a .72 acre site - opened in 1937) contains a 21,000 sf metal finishing production facility, and specializes in Clear and Colored Sulfuric Anodizing, Colorfast Two-Step Anodizing, Hardcoat Anodizing, Clear and Yellow Chromate Conversion Coating, and Barrel Tin Plating on Copper and Aluminum.

In 1994, MPP purchased an existing metal finishing business in Corsicana, Texas, and improved it to include 80,000 sf of production space, located on an 8+ acre site. The Texas facility increased our production capacity, and opened our market to Anodizing large Architectural Aluminum components, in addition to expanding our geographical market. Our Texas facility provides Clear and Two Step Color Anodizing with local area delivery within the state of Texas, Northern Louisiana, Oklahoma and SW Missouri.

In 1997, MPP purchased another existing metal finishing business in Phoenix, Arizona, which is now comprised of 64,000 sf of production space, located on a 4+ acre site. The Arizona plant further increased our production capabilities and market presence on the west coast. Finishes provided are Clear and Two Step Color Anodizing of Architectural Aluminum. Services include local delivery within the City of Phoenix and surrounding area, Los Angels and Southern California.

In 2000, the MPP Group Of Companies opened its newest and most efficient metal finishing plant in Du Quoin, Il. This plant sits on 8 acres, and is comprised of 39,000 square feet of Rack and Barrel Zinc Plating. MPP, in conjunction with the local community, was able to successfully fund the 3.5 million dollar construction project, develop freight and transportation services to support the new plant, and acquire a talented base of specialized plant employees to service our local and regional customers.

MPP Group of Companies is a highly recognized name in the Metal Finishing Industry with a documented reputation for providing quality metal finishing services, and doing so on a very timely basis. Our skilled craftsmen and in-house lab personnel work together to maintain the highest quality standards; and with their expertise and genuine sense of urgency, they strive to meet the ever-changing scheduling deadlines and demands of our customers.

Our Corporate leadership is dedicated to:

  • Providing the highest standards in finished product quality;
  • Effectively responding to customer needs and requirements;
  • Meeting or exceeding environmental safety and compliance requirements; and
  • Achieving a very high level of overall customer service.

Furthermore, MPP is very technologically advanced ... but even so, is continually researching even newer advances in customer relationship management programs, state-of-the-art internal communication services, and metal finishing techniques and applications. The MPP Group of Companies is well poised to successfully compete in today's business environment, and to effectively meet tomorrow's ever-increasing needs and demands of our customers.