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MPP Illinois

MPP_IL_thumbnail.jpgMPP is proud to announce the opening of its latest state of the art facility in southern Illinois. Located in DuQuoin, IL, this facility is in close proximity to St. Louis, MO, Evansville, IN, Louisville, KY and Memphis, TN. Specializing in automated rack and barrel plating of zinc and a variety of chromate coatings, Illinois MPP stands ready to provide you the quality, service and reliability you've come to expect from all of MPP's locations throughout the country.

Automatic Barrel Zinc Plating

MPP Illinois also has a 12 station automated Barrel Line. With these comprehensive processes, MPP Group can address many of your plating needs, with superior service and quality.

Automatic Rack Zinc Plating

MPP Illinois has 2 state of the art Automated Rack Zinc Plating lines. One 10 foot line, and one of only three 20 foot lines in the United States.

il-location.jpgMPP Illinois

For more information please contact us at:

1135 N. Maple St.
DuQuoin, IL 62832
[voice] 480-333-4411
[fax] 888-527-3342

Shipping and Receiving Hours 
8 am until 3:00 pm Monday through Friday

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